swing me happy 28 February, 2011

One day when I have my dream house I’m definitely going to have a swing inside. Not only an interior swing is unconventional and fun but it also a great way to break a creative block especially if you work from home. So I let myself indulge and add to my “dream house inspiration folder”. Are you with me for a ride?

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new turkish kilims by gypsy/maturin 20 February, 2011

I love the technique of traditional Turkish Kilims, as flat woven rugs they look very clean and substantial. But, to be honest, the traditional rug patterns are not my cup of tea. So I was uber-excited to come across Gypsy/Maturin rug collection. Created from all natural materials, the rugs are either made of vintage Turkish kilim and adorned with hand embroidery, or loomed out of plush mohair and textured hem. I’m just in love with the monochrome palette, how perfect they would look in a beach house…

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first of december 1 December, 2010

Happy winter people! It’s only the first of December but I’ve already burning to hit the slopes, especially being amidst of planning our annual New Years get-away. What stated as a harmless 3-day trip to Park City, Utah a few years ago has grown into a real addiction now.¬† Right about this time of year my eyes start hating palm trees and my heart craves winter wonderland. So when I finally got to flip through the latest Elle Decor, I squeaked with jealousy. The cover story – the Turners’ winter retreat is THAT perfect that it makes it so hard to just be happy for the owners and enjoy.

Seriously, just look at it! Filled with rustic wood elements it is still so airy and bright. I totally see myself cuddling by the fireplace with tons of leather-bounded classics from that gorgeous library.

I love the perfect balance of contemporary with traditional qualities.

I need this wood  chandelier (plus the one above dining table) for my dream winter chateau so if you see th m Рlet me know.

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french market baskets 5 October, 2010

I have a confession to make: I HATE grocery shopping. As much as I love cooking, I just cannot bring myself together to waste an hour of my life limping along the rows of a supermarket. I wish I could rather roam through the street markets on the tiny alleys of Europe where the food is so inspirational and all of the hustle and bustle brings so much character to the process itself.

And be like these chic ladies with their little baskets, just browsing the streets or going to a picnic.

At least I can pretend, with these lovely handmade French Market Baskets from Jeanne Beatrice. I just love the natural quality and the juxtaposition of leather detail.

Or if you want some color and pattern, check out French Basketeer. There you’ll find that perfect punch of color to complement your grocery-shopping outfit (all within $40-$50 range). Happy inspired shopping!

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erin petson 14 May, 2010

My recent art find that I can’t get over is amazing Erin Petson, a Brit artist and illustrator working with mixed media.

Her love of drawing, mark making and montage create powerful and provocative images.
Her subjects have a mystical energy that is ethereal and edgy.
Erin’s delicate creations have a paper doll like quality they have been described as bondage leaning Glam Fashion-vintage assemblages.

And I couldn’t have said it better. Now you know what’s on my computer wallpaper background.

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