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summer memories 27 August, 2011

The only other scarier thing than the fact that my last post was a month ago is that I still have an active tab open with a hot summer looks which I wanted to review here from 8 weeks ago. Time to face the truth poopsies: the summer is fleeting! We have barely a weekend or two to make the Summer 2011 go down in a history full of some memories. So I’ve made a little check list to make sure you won’t have any regrets later on.

1. Soak in the sun!

Mainly, because your blue-ishly pale body needs some color and  Vitamin D.

2. Catch up with your galpals!

What can be better than a brunch in a sun-lit street cafe and no need for an excuse to share a few glasses of champagne.

3. Discover something new!

It doesn’t matter if it’s a full-scale vacation, a  roadtrip or a bike ride…just put some curles in your hair and go toss them in the wind.

4. Seduce, love and take time to enjoy the feeling!

Put your laptops aside and take time to talk, smile and dream together. And no cheating with a jaded movie dates!

5. Celebrate every moment big or small!

6. Dream of  adventures yet to come!

Check, check and check!

Enjoy your last bits of summer!

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my kinda registry 18 May, 2011

I’ve been shopping on registry lists quite a lot lately, which made me wish we’ve had “the American” wedding. Since there is no tradition of wedding registry in Russia, I feel like I’ve missed out on a great opportunity to score some beautiful dinnerware (‘coz let’s face it – when else would you treat yourself to a hundred-dollar plate?!).

So I’ve decided to put together my registry for “just in case” occasion…that is just in case I have extra $100 laying around. The first on the list would come the new DVF Home Collection. So fun and whimsy, it brings the memories of warm summer evenings…

…when you can pick a fresh bouquet,

…chase butterflies,

…gaze into the night sky laying on the beach,

…be creative and artsy,

…or try something new and unexpected.

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it’s an etsy world: ellemoss 5 May, 2011

I’ve been an awful blogger lately. With a completely unbalanced April schedule I barely could find time for sleep let aside writing and inspiring you guys. I’ll try to improve as getting back on tracks.

For now I’m leaving you with fantastic art photography by ellemoss. Soft color palettes with a healthy dose of weird curiosity. Got me thinking that I need to freshen up my art collection…

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french market baskets 5 October, 2010

I have a confession to make: I HATE grocery shopping. As much as I love cooking, I just cannot bring myself together to waste an hour of my life limping along the rows of a supermarket. I wish I could rather roam through the street markets on the tiny alleys of Europe where the food is so inspirational and all of the hustle and bustle brings so much character to the process itself.

And be like these chic ladies with their little baskets, just browsing the streets or going to a picnic.

At least I can pretend, with these lovely handmade French Market Baskets from Jeanne Beatrice. I just love the natural quality and the juxtaposition of leather detail.

Or if you want some color and pattern, check out French Basketeer. There you’ll find that perfect punch of color to complement your grocery-shopping outfit (all within $40-$50 range). Happy inspired shopping!

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farrow and ball wallpapers 17 May, 2010

It seems like the aftermath of the Legends of La Cienega will feed my blog posts for quite a while now. But with my weakness for all sorts of wallcoverings, I couldn’t not to write about the fabulous Farrow and Ball, a European paint and wallpaper company. Large variety and colorways, generous samples size but what really made me stand and stare is the quality. The printing techniques allow the paint to have the textured vintage, almost nostalgic, feel as if every ornament was pressed in by hand. A truly European quality.

Don’t know where to start? Or, like me, getting lost in too many irresistible choices? flip through online inspiration magazines “Key Looks with Color”  and “Feel Good Rooms” by Homes and Gardens with association with Farrow and Ball.

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