french market baskets

I have a confession to make: I HATE grocery shopping. As much as I love cooking, I just cannot bring myself together to waste an hour of my life limping along the rows of a supermarket. I wish I could rather roam through the street markets on the tiny alleys of Europe where the food is so inspirational and all of the hustle and bustle brings so much character to the process itself.

And be like these chic ladies with their little baskets, just browsing the streets or going to a picnic.

At least I can pretend, with these lovely handmade French Market Baskets from Jeanne Beatrice. I just love the natural quality and the juxtaposition of leather detail.

Or if you want some color and pattern, check out French Basketeer. There you’ll find that perfect punch of color to complement your grocery-shopping outfit (all within $40-$50 range). Happy inspired shopping!

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