I’ve started blogging in 2009  to capture daily design cravings. Back then, I was a design student trying to get a grasp of the abyss  of the design industry and develop my personal voice. Now, 5 years later, I am a freelance interior designer in full force with experience working on some of the top international hotel and residential properties as part of the renowned luxury interior design company – Hirsch Bedner & Associates.

I’ve learnt the design is much more than just a graphic or function.  Our media-driven society has become too mature for simple visual pleasures.  Truly unique design brings the story and the experience like never before. So now I search of that meaning, the one that captures you in a space, a book or a dress. And in that search I travel the world, immerse myself into cultures and places.

LA PERSONA GRATA is a place to reflect on my journey and share worthy travel experiences, curated places to stop and thoughts on living a more international live.

So pour your self a cup of tea and join in.

– Ekaterina Nazarova


Have anything to say? Email: E@EkaterinaNazarova.com

10 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Kamran Khavarani

    Dear Ekaterina,

    I noted your website by accident and I was deeply surprised about your kind comments on my paintings. Will you please contact me with my email, I want to add you to my list and to invite you in my future event.
    Love ,

  2. Joshua

    Hi, I’ve been following your blog for a while now and love everything – I especially love how you touch on all the different types of design!!

    Also I noticed you work with HBA, I’m in Australia and was wondering if you have any tips for applying for an internship with them?

    Keep up the inspiring work,


  3. Sophie Hong-Dunnett

    Hi, I love your blog…. not only the content, but all the conscious choices including how the whole web page look! the font and layout of the webpage, etc… it is very pleasing to the eye. That’s the different of web page designed by a designer and an IT person.

    Keep up with the great work!


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