new beginnings 10 September, 2013

I guess it’s a part of all creative souls to be fully present and then burn out. When a dream has faded and became unbearable.  And the only solution is to pack and run.

So there has been a lot of packing and running and unpacking again. A lot of touching moments and sweetest “till i see you again”s.  Followed by a lot of silence, taking a moment just to be.  Without any plans or expectations from self.  May be for the first time, a road without a final destination, without a goal. Scary and refreshing. Learning patience and simplicity.

And now, it’s all coming back. With blood pumping through the veins in the new way. There are big changes in the making. They are still too young to tell but soon to reveal.

All I can say for now is that I’m becoming a new persona. 


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swing me happy 28 February, 2011

One day when I have my dream house I’m definitely going to have a swing inside. Not only an interior swing is unconventional and fun but it also a great way to break a creative block especially if you work from home. So I let myself indulge and add to my “dream house inspiration folder”. Are you with me for a ride?

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old never dies 20 May, 2010

In proof my “perpetual historicity of the design” theory, I came across this article in NY Mag. NeoVictorian, NeoVersailles, NeoCountry…everything old is new again. It’s just a circle of life, which means that quality vintage will never go out of style. Transformed, reinvented, repurposed, reupholstered but it WILL go on. Make it a new investment.

Babel chair by Dutch design phenom Marcel Wanders ($530 at; available in late 2010).

Vintage chair with painted linen seat by Caitlin Conlow ($375 at Funkiture).

Baroque-style frames in translucent plastic ($12.95 at Site)

Sawhorse-leg table made of oak and powder-coated steel by South African design team Egg ($5,800 at Amaridian).

Bollywood mirror with digitally printed designs by Paola Navone ($2,690 at Property)

Customizable brass hanging candelabra by Lindsey Adelman ($4,800 at Matter).
Glass table with turned-column legs ($7,995 at ABC Carpet & Home).
Louisa settee with ragged cotton-and-linen upholstery ($2,498 at Anthropologie).
Acrylic Julius Caesar mini-bust by Jeffrey Harris ($30 at Hadley Antiques)
White lacquered-wood table by Romani Saccani ($4,200 at Property)
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