bolshoi 10 June, 2012

Ask and you shall receive and sometimes received BIG, in my case “Bolshoi” BIG. Just when I brought up being spontaneous, I managed to get 2 tickets to one of 5 sold-out performances of Swan Lake by Bolshoi Theater in LA … the night before the show. The newly-born spontaneity guru in me is having blast, the planner in me is terrified of me almost missing the one performance I was dying to see for a long time due to lack of organization and proper scheduling.

Needless to say, the performance was magnificent: immaculate techniques and out-of-worldly grace and elegance of the dancers; lavish costumes and, of course, the Music so powerful and consuming. Everything came together for a one in a life time experience.  Juxtaposition of love and  fate, beauty and passion, light and dark totally transfers you to a surreal world of imagination.

I give this one to the planner girl, I wish I had time to savor the anticipation a little bit more. May be one day (when I grow up:), I’ll actually get to experience this ultimate perfection of art on the home field, t.e. The Bolshoi Theater. After the remodel, it looks simply stunning. Quite an experience of its own.

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nebesa 13 May, 2011

you might think that I’m bias but in reality I’m the toughest critic of the Russian popculture. Among thousands of one-song singers, it’s a very rare occasion that they come up with something worth paying attention to. But this one is a very special so I couldn’t help but share. The song itself might not stand out too much but it’s the visuals that keep haunting me every time I hear it. The color palette so delicate and luring that I want to watch the video over and over again just to indulge in every detail. Check it out for yourself.

..and for my non-Russian speakers: “Nebesa” means “heavens”

google for vivaldi 4 March, 2010

To honor the birthday of the world famous composer and violin genius Antonio Vivaldi, born in Venice in 1678. He was nicknamed the Red Priest on account of his red hair and ordination in 1703. The Four Seasons, a popular series of four violin concerti, is his best-known work and is representative of the baroque period in European art music.

Here are extracts from my favorites:

Antonio Vivaldi – Summer

Antonio Vivaldi – Autumn

Antonio Vivaldi – Winter

Antonio Vivaldi – Spring

Sweet The Sting 13 November, 2009

Can get this song out of my head today…Still don’t know how I feel about the clip though. Just had a different picture in my head for the video.