5D by oppenheim 20 November, 2011

Some images possess the 5D powers. Like these out-of-the-world renderings of the award-winning Wadi Rum Resort in Jordan by super-talented team of Oppenheim Architecture + Design.

We all know what 3D is, so the 4th D is for the sound and feel of the swooping sand between the mountains which I can swear you get just by looking at this presentation. And the 5th D I give for the incredible peaceful and relaxing after-taste that is left with you, it’s almost like going on a mini vacation. Don’t you agree?

<images via www.oppenoffice.com>

nikolas weinstein studios 25 January, 2011

File cleaning isn’t always a bad thing…it’s an opportunity to re-discover long forgotten or dig up something new. And my latest find absolutely brightened my otherwise dusty filing day. Prepare, what you are about to see is a space transforming amaziness. A San Francisco based Nikolas Weinstein Studios take the design possibilities to the next level of imaginable. Good to know that now your imagination REALLY is your limit. Speechless…

check their website here to find out how they do what they do.

<images via www.nikolas.net>

refreshing art 13 October, 2010

Flipping through the pages of the latest Lonny mag, I came across this miraculous technological solution for the jaded problem of all designers – how to hide the AC. Genius LG developed the new series of AC/Heat Pumps split system called Art Cool, so that the whole unit is hidden behind your favorite print or art. Genius!

Check out Art Cool in Dexter’s kitchen designed by Jeff Andrews.

Anyone had any experience with this gizmo? I’m dieing to hear reviews/comments?

<images via here, here and here>

surviving the heat wave 27 September, 2010

Gosh, it’s hot in LA. 113 F = 45° C for Fall is a bit too much.  When everything and everyone around is melting, the only place you want to be is somewhere dark and cool. What comes to my mind is the surreal Atomic Spa Suisse in Exedra Milan Hotel by Simone Micheli.

The unique design of the space lets you completely escape from the reality and allows for an almost metaphysical experience. Playing on the edge of the futuristic design, Micheli engages all of the dimensions: the ceiling transforms into the walls, which melt into the water, which is being reflected on the ceiling. It’s like 3D movie for grown-ups.

<images via www.contemporist.com>