recycling is good for you

May be it’s today’s celebration of Earth Day at work, or my constantly opening pantry door that reminds me of an overdue recycling but I’ve been really thinking about my consumer/re-user habits. I’ve already shared with you that I’m far from an impulse buyer, I really need to love the new thing to take it home. Sometimes it even takes to walk away from it and see if it worth coming back for.

Plastic/Glass/Paper recycling is not must, but I’m a strong believer in cloth recycling. No, I’m not manifesting to run to a thrift store this second.  In fact, your own closet must be enough. Need some inspiration, I’ve got plenty. I recently discovered “Atlanic-Pacific” blog and can’t get enough. Beside getting some fantastic eye candy, you’ll get some ides how to recycle your own cloth into the infinite number of looks really. I dare you to stop looking at the first page.

Run by an incredibly talented stylist with her sweetheart as a photographer, it’s like a look book of a real person styling for daily routines. And aren’t those routines always more fun what you are dressed up to face them. What a perfect combination of blog partners too. If only I could wake my hubby up in the early am to snip a picture of me everyday :)

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