malibu wines 18 February, 2011

Still doubting whether or not should I disclose the best kept secret place in LA. I wish I could keep it all to myself. Malibu Wines winery is just perfect in all ways: it is a little quite place away from the hustle of the city, with live music on the weekends and delicious wine list. So we went there on yet another sunny California weekend (sorry East Coast for bragging), this time to celebrate my hubby’s B-day with a little picnic.

My favorite yellow truck, I would totally drive it if I lived in a countryside.

Since they sell only wine there, we brought some snacks and I set up a picnic table

Everybody loved my little newspaper pockets filled with popcorn, veggie chips, fruit and nuts.

We had such an amazing and relaxing time. Can’t wait for the rain to be over so we could go again.

Thanks to my dear friend for taking such lovely pictures. Great memories!


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contagious valentine 13 February, 2011

I’m a bit skeptic when it comes to Valentines day. Don’t get me wrong, I love treating my honey to a special surprise on the occasion. I just don’t believe in buying gifts, rather than fining a unique way to show your affection. But when I came across a remarkably decadent wishlist put together by 1stdibs for Valentines, I couldn’t help amusing there for a while. Oh ladies, I went all out!

Olivetti typerwriter…anyday!

1. Cupid Bending a Bow by Giulio Campi; 2. Pair of Chinese Peking Glass Red Overlay Vases with Birds; 3. 18kt. Carved Coral Rose Brooch; 4.Georgian Garnet Heart; 5. A Near-Life Size Pair of Japanese Ivory Okimono Doves; 6. Pair of American Wing Chairs; 7. Hand Cut Crystal Heart Chandelier; 8. Cleo Baldon Barstools; 9. “A GREAT GUY, THE IDOL OF WOMEN” 1932 Early Cinema poster; 10. Cartier Brooch; 11. Beaded Vintage Low Cut Gown from BOB MACKIE; 12. Ettorre Sottsass Valentine Olivetti Portable Typewriter.

back to reality 4 January, 2011

Wow, I can’t believe that the New Year’s week has gone so fast. Or may be our little vacation at North Tahoe was so incredible that I wish it had lasted a little bit longer. A perfect winter wonderland with LOTS of snow, amazing skiing and much-needed family time over board games and long conversations by the fireplace.

Although quite refreshing, a week without internet and barely any phone connection has taken its toll. Now I’m drowning in emails and to-do lists. Oh well, it was worth it!

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magic in the air 24 December, 2010

May be I’m being a bit childish but every year for the New Year’s holidays I’m trying to hold on to that magical feeling, the one that was floating in the air when I was little. Back then you’ve known for sure that something special is happening that night and it’s not just another 12am starting another day.

And I still believe in this now, so I do send out my wishes out there. I’m so grateful for all of your support and encouragement this year and wishing that the next year bring health to you and your families, lots of joy and creativity. As for me, I’ve already got the biggest gifts I could receive: I’ve spent another wonderful year with my incredible husband and loving family, I’m lucky to have the profession that I really love and all of you out there sharing my inspirational journey. What else could I wish for?!

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ralph laurent winter window displays 22 December, 2010

The only time I get to walk around the city is when we have people visiting and I’ll do my regular sightseeing tour. And I was really surprised, even perplexed by the lack of the holiday decor around Beverly Hills. I loved window shopping there especially around Christmas but this time the only windows that we up to par is Ralph Lauren’s.

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