simple life 16 October, 2010

It’s gloomy in LA today but at least the weather helps to get into “get-things-done” mode. It’s so much harder with bright sun shine luring you outdoors. My to-do list made me think of the stunning Brit stylist Twig Hutchinson who made the house chores look so incredibly chic.

Which in its turn made me remember that all the real pleasures in life lay in the simple moments like this. And if you go through the day with the happy smile and appreciation for what you’ve got, it makes it so much easier. Enjoy your weekend whatever it holds in store for you.

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all play, no work 15 October, 2010

As I’m on my continuous streak of studying for my Thesis, it’s all work and no play here. But how fun would it be to be surrounded by play. Literary! With the Games Wallpapers from Parisian design group 5.5 Designers any room can become playground.

Can you imagine how perfect it is for the boring dentist waiting rooms or kids’ rooms! So engaging! <images via>

white square (actually, it’s a rectangle) 25 April, 2010

It seemed impossible to reinvent the famous Black Square by Malevich but this Norwegian artist definitely made a simple rectangle more fun. The series of art installations by Jørund Aase Falkenberg can be interpreted quite philosophically when though of the eloquent simplicity of the white  space or rather playful when trying to imagine the actual piece of art that was in the place. Either way – genius!

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identity 30 January, 2010

Following the Design Sponge  post on Logo Design and Identity (thanks meg mateo ilasco), I browsed the website and found TONS of inspiration. I don’t know about you but I’m constantly trying to reinvent my logo and, honestly, got a little too tired of it. May be I should just surrender in the hands of a professional graphic designer?! In the meanwhile, here are a few of many designs that I find very successful.

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