happy and new 3 January, 2012

Coming back from the state of incommunicado (i.e. ski trip to the mountains), I’m all geared-up for the new peaks to conquer this year. Last year was incredibly eventful so it will be hard to out-do it: between another Masters, dreamy new job, a taste of southern hospitality, the life-transformational grand voyage, motorcycle licence (!!!) and the “Junior Designer of the Year” Award @ new dreamy job…really there’s nothing else I could have wished for.

For the year to come, I want to wish you all new breath-taking adventures, bright lazy mornings and a sea of champagne bubbles to celebrate every little moment! 

 I try to stay away from the resolution lists, they make me sad of all the things I haven’t accomplished in the outgoing year. Instead I make a lot of wishes with every strike of the bell on that special night  and promise to be my best…yet again. So far this technique worked magic for me :) I hope that all of you wished BIG this year, as I certainly did. What is it? Can’t tell yet, but you might be able to get a hint of it from this video.



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i want to go home 15 December, 2011

May be because I’ve been completely swamped with work for the past 2 months, sleepless and feeding only on the baked good donated by others… or  it’s THAT time of the year again when I start craving snow, but now like never before I want to be home. Even though the reality of the Russian winter is rarely this glamorous, there is definitely a certain hint of magic in the air.


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the magic of the yellow pants 8 November, 2011

I have to say something here.  A week before we took off for THE vacation, I was killing an extra hour in a mall. Didn’t need to buy anything – just ‘coz! And then…I’ve bought the yellow pants. Contradicting my practical shopping habits I didn’t plan on getting them, I didn’t think twice and moreover I had nothing to pair them up with.

Was I sticking out of the crowd on the “pre-fashion week” streets of Paris? Hmmm, kinda. Did I make a statement and turn heads? Hell yeah! So guess what, now everywhere I look I see THE YELLOW PANTS!

Have I started the trend?


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